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Re: [Xen-devel] Redundant lstats in libxl_pvusb.c

Chun Yan Liu writes ("Re: Redundant lstats in libxl_pvusb.c"):
> <22274.33583.712655.413448@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Ian Jackson
> <Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> > In libxl_usb.c, usbintf_get_drvpath calls stat(2) on the driver sysfs 
> > path, and then realpath on the same path. 
> It's true. This could be done by calling realpath only. Will correct.


> > And bind_usbintf calls stat(2) on the driver directory path, and then 
> > open(2) on a file in that directory. 
> It's not true. It calls stat(2) on a file in driver path (driver/interface),
> and open(2) on another file in that driver path (driver/bind).

I have read the function again and you are right.

Coverity said:

> > > >>>     CID 1358111: Security best practices violations (TOCTOU)
> > > >>>     Calling function "open" that uses "path" after a check
> > > >>>     function. This can cause a time-of-check, time-of-use
> > > >>>     race condition.

But it seems that it is confused by the reuse of the path variable.
I think this is arguably a bug in Coverity.

But, evidently, the same reuse confused me too.  Maybe we should turn
`path' into two variables, `intf_path' and `bind_path' ?  What do you
think ?


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