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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v8] xSplice v1 design and implementation.

> *Tools Maintainers*
> Since v7, two new patches, please review:
>     XENVER_build_id/libxc: Provide ld-embedded build-id
>     libxl: info: Display build_id of the hypervisor.
> *Maintainers*
> Legend:
>  *    - See below
>  R    - Reviewed
>  R+   - Reviewed by two folks
>  A    - Acked by maintainer of the area (hypervisor or toolstack)
> *     Revert "libxc/libxl/python/xenstat/ocaml: Use new
> *     Revert "HYPERCALL_version_op. New hypercall mirroring
>   A   xsplice: Design document
>    R  xen/xsplice: Hypervisor implementation of XEN_XSPLICE_op
>   AR  libxc: Implementation of XEN_XSPLICE_op in libxc
>   AR  xen-xsplice: Tool to manipulate xsplice payloads
>   AR  arm/x86: Use struct virtual_region to do bug, symbol, and (x86) 
> exception tables lookup.
>         [Julien Acked the ARM part]
>   AR  arm/x86/vmap: Add vmalloc_xen, vfree_xen and vm_init_type
>         [Julien Acked the ARM part]
>    R+  x86/mm: Introduce modify_xen_mappings()
>    R  xsplice: Add helper elf routines
>    R  xsplice: Implement payload loading
> *  R  xsplice: Implement support for applying/reverting/replacing patches.
>    R  x86/xen_hello_world.xsplice: Test payload for patching 
> 'xen_extra_version'.
>    R  xsplice,symbols: Implement symbol name resolution on address.
> *     xsplice, symbols: Implement fast symbol names -> virtual addresses 
> lookup
>    R  x86, xsplice: Print payload's symbol name and payload name in backtraces
>    R  xsplice: Add support for bug frames.
>    R  xsplice: Add support for exception tables.
>    R  xsplice: Add support for alternatives
>   AR  build_id: Provide ld-embedded build-ids
>         [Julien Acked the ARM part]
>   AR  xsplice: Print build_id in keyhandler and on bootup.
> *     XENVER_build_id/libxc: Provide ld-embedded build-id
> *     libxl: info: Display build_id of the hypervisor.
>    R  xsplice: Stacking build-id dependency checking.
>    R  xsplice/xen_replace_world: Test-case for XSPLICE_ACTION_REPLACE
>    R  xsplice: Prevent duplicate payloads from being loaded.
>    R  MAINTAINERS/xsplice: Add myself and Ross as the maintainers.


As you can see this cover letter has no relation to the patches! This
mentions 27 patches while this
patchbomb has 25.

When I did git format-patch I did it in one directory while in another
shell I did git send-email (and of course in a different directory).

My sincere apologies for doing this - resending the _proper_ patchset as v8.1

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