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[Xen-devel] The order of contents saved in "/var/run/xenstored/db" is reversed

Hi all,

I have a question about oxenstored, please help if someone knows.
Oxenstored saves store information to "/var/run/xenstored/db" when it quits, 
but the contents is reversed.
For example, 
before restart oxenstored, the output of 'xenstore-ls -f' is:
/local/domain/0/memory/target = "8388608"
/local/domain/0/memory/static-max = "4294967292"
/local/domain/0/memory/freemem-slack = "0"
after restart oxenstored, the output is:
/local/domain/0/memory/freemem-slack = "0"
/local/domain/0/memory/static-max = "4294967292"
/local/domain/0/memory/target = "8388608"

I found why when I read the code:
When a new element is added to node list, it is added to the head of the list, 
so the newest element will always be saved first, and then restored first.

Then question is:
1.What is the reason for this, is this done on purpose?
2.What is the impact of doing so if I save the store information in the 
original order(first come first saved, and first saved first restored ^_^)?

Looking forward to your reply, thank you!


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