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Re: [Xen-devel] Odroid XU3 support

> Xen is not ready for big.LITTLE, so I would highly recommend you to
> disable either all the Cortex-A15 or Cortex-A7.

> For your information, I am planning to send a patch to park any CPUs
> whose MIDR is not matching the boot CPU one.

> Julien Grall


I decided to use A15s... How can I  disable A7s in software and use
only A15s... Additionally how can I be sure that I'm using A15 cluster?

This maybe more ODROID related:

Suriyan Ramasami wrote:

> The Odroid XU3/XU4 afaict has a hardware pin which dictates if a A7
> or an A15 core should boot up. It is currently set to boot up from the A7s.

This may sound silly but where is that PIN on XU3 board.? Can 
this be modfied(is it accessible)? If not, how can I do it in software... 
Where to change order? Where to disable A7s? Probably in uBoot? 

Regards, Ivan Pavic.

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