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Re: [Xen-devel] efi_enabled(EFI_PARAVIRT) use

On 2016年05月01日 04:44, Matt Fleming wrote:
>> While I still have a question, in this patch we use
>> > efi_enabled(EFI_PARAVIRT) as a condition to make fdt_find_uefi_params()
>> > and efi_get_fdt_params() execute different ways. So it needs to find a
>> > new condition for that if we need to get rid of EFI_PARAVIRT. One I
>> > think is that xen_initial_domain() check. Is that fine?
> Hmm... why do you actually need to check whether you're running on a
> PV machine in fdt_find_uefi_params()?
Because the UEFI params for Dom0 are located under /hypervisor/uefi node
instead of /chosen. So it needs to check whether it's a Dom0 then search
and parse different node with different params arrays.

> Can't you infer that from the DT
> params you discover?

> I could understand maybe only accepting the "xen,uefi-system-table"
> property if IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_XEN) but surely you don't also need to
> filter based on whether you're booting a PV kernel?
> Let me put it this way: when would you see "xen,uefi-system-table" and
> *not* be booting a PV kernel?
So it still needs add another check to firstly parse the fdt to see if
there is "xen,uefi-system-table" under /hypervisor/uefi node, right? I
think it's a bit redundant compared with xen_initial_domain().


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