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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v10 04/24] xen-xsplice: Tool to manipulate xsplice payloads

> > +        /* The memset is done to catch errors. */
> > +        memset(info, 'A', sizeof(*info) * MAX_LEN);
> > +        memset(name, 'B', sizeof(*name * MAX_LEN * XEN_XSPLICE_NAME_SIZE));
> Did you mean to put the "* MAX_LEN * XEN_XSPLICE_NAME_SIZE" inside the
> sizeof()? Coverity thinks it's "suspicious", and I do to. :-)

I am kind of glad that this is the only thing Coverity is unhappy about
with this giant patchset.

But as you can see the comment: "The memset is done to catch errors" so
_obviously_ the odd placement of parenthesis was ah, part of that!


>  -George

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