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[Xen-devel] Xentrace documentation

Hi everyone,

I'm getting a master's degree on virtualization and I'm trying to trace the interference of hypervisor scheduler on quality of service of network intensive domains.

I'm pretty sure xentrace is the way to extract most of my performance metrics.
However, I'm struggling on finding some good documentation about xentrace usage.

Basically, what I want to know is if I can extract this kind of information from xentrace and how can I do this.

> vCPU usage
> I/O count per domain (number of network I/O requests received by a target domU over dom0. Can be memory page flip between dom0 and domU)
> priority states for a given vCPU per period of time (number of over, under, boost state experienced by a vCPU).

Is it possible to get this information? How can I do this?

Any additional information can help me.

I appreciate your attention
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