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Re: [Xen-devel] Bug in x86 instruction emulator?

>>> On 06.04.16 at 01:38, <wogiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm running Xen 4.6.1 with Alpine Linux 3.3.3 in dom0. In a HVM domU 
> with vga="qxl", Xorg will segfault instantly if tried started. Multiple 
> Linux distros have been tested and Xorg segfaults in all.

So I've been wanting to make an attempt to repro this, but qemu
keeps telling me

qemu-system-i386: -device qxl-vga,vram_size_mb=64,ram_size_mb=64: 'qxl-vga' is 
not a valid device model name

when I pass vga="qxl" upon guest creation. My knowledge on
qemu is limited, so I have no idea what I might be doing wrong.


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