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Re: [Xen-devel] ARM bare metal application test

On 09/05/2016 09:34, Ivan Pavić2 wrote:

Hello Ivan,

I'm trying to build simple bare metal application on ARM Cortex A7.
I reached the phase in which I successfully created domain. Now,
I would like to check if application is really running (it runs according
xl list). But i need some simple interaction or at least console output.

So far this is my code:

     .section ".start", "x"
     .globl    _start

     @ zImage header
.rept   8
     mov     r0, r0
     b       work
     .word   0x016f2818      @ Magic numbers to help the loader
     .word   _start          @ absolute load/run zImage address
     .word   _end - _start   @ zImage size
     @ end of zImage header

work:  b work

I've made linker script so that entry point is at address _start and
it is initial value of PC (it is 0x80008000). So is there any quick
way to check registers from dom0 so I can be sure that "work" is
being done? I'm testing this on Odroid XU3 platform...

You can dump the registers of a vCPU with xenctx.

$PREFIX/lib/xen/bin/xenctx domid

$PREFIX is the path where xen tools have been installed (i.e --prefix on the configure). The default path is /usr/local/


Julien Grall

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