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Re: [Xen-devel] [TESTDAY] Test report

Hello Edgar,

Thank you for the testing.

On 13/05/2016 21:34, Edgar E. Iglesias wrote:
* Hardware: ZCU102 ZynqMP board
* Software: Rolled my own dom0 linux
* Tested: Start dom0

The test fails with the following error:
(XEN) I/O virtualisation enabled
(XEN)  - Dom0 mode: Relaxed
(XEN) Interrupt remapping enabled
(XEN) Loading kernel from boot module @ 0000000000080000
(XEN) Allocating 1:1 mappings totalling 512MB for dom0:
(XEN) BANK[0] 0x00000020000000-0x00000040000000 (512MB)
(XEN) Grant table range: 0x0000007fe00000-0x0000007fe5f000
(XEN) smmu: /amba/smmu@fd800000: d0: p2maddr 0x000000007ff64000
(XEN) Device tree generation failed (-22).

You could uncomment //#define DEBUG_DT in domain_build.c, rebuild and paste the log here?

It's the PCIe node that is causing trouble, the bindings are here:

It's that inner interrupt-controller node that is causing problems as
Xen/ARM only supports one interrupt-controller node (IIUC).

It should not matter, unless the interrupt controller is used to describe some interrupts in device-tree.

Is this node used later in the DT?

Disabling the pcie node for zynqmp boards gets dom0 to boot (obviously
without PCIe support).

Does it make sense to try to fix this problem this late inte the
release cycle? (I can have a closer look and propose a possible fix
for discussion)

I would try to fix it in Xen 4.7 if the patch is simple. Otherwise we could backport it after the release.

Or should we disable the PCIe for ZynqMP for now and try to fix this
properly for 4.8?

Was PCIe working on Xen 4.6? If yes, it's the regression and we could consider it as a blocker for the release (CC Wei for that).


Julien Grall

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