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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/1] xen/device-tree: Do not remap IRQs for secondary IRQ controllers

From: "Edgar E. Iglesias" <edgar.iglesias@xxxxxxxxxx>

I'm sending this as a v2 considering that I previously posted a diff
in email discussions.

This patch fixes an DT problem with the ZynqMP PCIe node.
Today, we try to remap IRQs regardless of if they are directly
connected to the primary controller or not. If they are indirectly
connected via secondary IRQ controllers, we abort the boot with
an error.

The ZynqMP PCIe DTS bindings were upstreamed to Linux after Xen 4.6, so
this issue is not a regression.
PCIe is also not generally a critical feature of current ZynqMP boards,
i.e the boards are functional without PCIe although for some users PCIe
may be more or less critical.

As I see it we have two options:

1. A safe option is to disable the PCIe node in the ZynqMP platform.
   We can then fix this with calm for 4.8.
   + It will fix the dom0 boot.
   + Very safe and unintrusive.
   - PCIe will not be functional.

2. Apply this patch to 4.7
   + It will fix the dom0 boot.
   + PCIe will be functional.
   - Intrusive fix. Although the fix really only affects a case that
     otherwise would have resulted in an aborted boot of dom0.

I'm happy to submit a patch for option nr 1 if you guys feel that's
safer/better at this point.

Best regards,


v1 -> v2:
* Rephrased comment no longer mentioning bus-bridges.
* Fixed coding style issues.
* Added a dt_dprintk to log skipped IRQs.

Edgar E. Iglesias (1):
  xen/device-tree: Do not remap IRQs for secondary IRQ controllers

 xen/common/device_tree.c | 16 ++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 16 insertions(+)


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