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[Xen-devel] Bump library names just after branching

Sorry, re-sending the message with a proper subject line:


Currently we bump the shared library names just before the release, so ATM 
xen-unstable is still using the library names from the 4.6 release. This is 
an issue if someone wants to install both Xen 4.6 and xen-unstable in the 
same box (unless you use a different prefix/DESTDIR), because libraries from 
xen-unstable will replace the stable ones.

IMHO, it would make more sense to bump the library names just *after* we 
branch and open the tree for development again. We could even have the 
library name versions be set based on XEN_VERSION and XEN_SUBVERSION, so 
that we don't need to go around the different library makefiles bumping the 
versions manually.


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