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[Xen-devel] [sun8i][H3] Question about running Xen on OrangePi PC

  • To: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: bharat gohil <ghl.bhrt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 23:01:57 +0530
  • Delivery-date: Thu, 19 May 2016 17:32:16 +0000
  • List-id: Xen developer discussion <xen-devel.lists.xen.org>

Hello All,

I am trying to boot xen on OrangePi PC(based upon Allwinner H3). It is able to boot on this target board but it hangs when it try to boot unmodified linux guest(with xen configuration enable).

Please find following log for same.Can anyone guide me to debug this problem(hang)?

Starting kernel ...                                                            
- UART enabled -                                                               
- CPU 00000000 booting -                                                       
- Xen starting in Hyp mode -                                                   
- Zero BSS -                                                                   
- Setting up control registers -                                               
- Turning on paging -                                                          
- Ready -                                                                      
(XEN) Checking for initrd in /chosen                                           
(XEN) RAM: 0000000040000000 - 000000007fffffff                                 
(XEN) MODULE[0]: 000000007ec00000 - 000000007ec04000 Device Tree               
(XEN) MODULE[1]: 000000007f600000 - 000000007f955328 Kernel       console=hvc0 d
(XEN)  RESVD[0]: 000000007ffa1000 - 000000007ffa15e8                           
(XEN)  RESVD[1]: 000000007ec00000 - 000000007ec04000                           
(XEN) Command line: console=dtuart dtuart=/soc@01c00000/serial@01c28000 dom0_meM
(XEN) Placing Xen at 0x000000007fc00000-0x000000007fe00000                     
(XEN) Update BOOTMOD_XEN from 000000007ea00000-000000007eb01701 => 000000007fc01
(XEN) Xen heap: 000000007c000000-000000007e000000 (8192 pages)                 
(XEN) Dom heap: 253952 pages                                                   
(XEN) Domain heap initialised                                                  
(XEN) Platform: Generic System                                                 
(XEN) Looking for dtuart at "/soc@01c00000/serial@01c28000", options ""        
(XEN) Unable to find device "/soc@01c00000/serial@01c28000"                    
(XEN) Bad console= option 'dtuart'                                             
 Xen 4.6.2-pre                                                                 
(XEN) Xen version 4.6.2-pre (bgohil@) (arm-eabi-gcc (Linaro GCC 5.3-2016.02) 5.6
(XEN) Latest ChangeSet: Tue Apr 26 12:07:49 2016 +0200 git:39546d1             
(XEN) Processor: 410fc075: "ARM Limited", variant: 0x0, part 0xc07, rev 0x5    
(XEN) 32-bit Execution:                                                        
(XEN)   Processor Features: 00001131:00011011                                  
(XEN)     Instruction Sets: AArch32 A32 Thumb Thumb-2 ThumbEE Jazelle          
(XEN)     Extensions: GenericTimer Security                                    
(XEN)   Debug Features: 02010555                                               
(XEN)   Auxiliary Features: 00000000                                           
(XEN)   Memory Model Features: 10101105 40000000 01240000 02102211             
(XEN)  ISA Features: 02101110 13112111 21232041 11112131 10011142 00000000     
(XEN) Using PSCI-0.1 for SMP bringup                                           
(XEN) Generic Timer IRQ: phys=30 hyp=26 virt=27 Freq: 24000 KHz                
(XEN) GICv2 initialization:                                                    
(XEN)         gic_dist_addr=0000000001c81000                                   
(XEN)         gic_cpu_addr=0000000001c82000                                    
(XEN)         gic_hyp_addr=0000000001c84000                                    
(XEN)         gic_vcpu_addr=0000000001c86000                                   
(XEN)         gic_maintenance_irq=25                                           
(XEN) GICv2: 160 lines, 4 cpus, secure (IID 0100143b).                         
(XEN) Using scheduler: SMP Credit Scheduler (credit)                           
(XEN) Allocated console ring of 32 KiB.                                        
(XEN) VFP implementer 0x41 architecture 2 part 0x30 variant 0x7 rev 0x5        
(XEN) Bringing up CPU1                                                         
- CPU 00000001 booting -                                                       
- Xen starting in Hyp mode -                                                   
- Setting up control registers -                                               
- Turning on paging -                                                          
- Ready -                                                                      
(XEN) CPU 1 booted.                                                            
(XEN) Bringing up CPU2                                                         
- CPU 00000002 booting -                                                       
- Xen starting in Hyp mode -                                                   
- Setting up control registers -                                               
- Turning on paging -                                                          
- Ready -                                                                      
(XEN) CPU 2 booted.                                                            
(XEN) Bringing up CPU3                                                         
- CPU 00000003 booting -                                                       
- Xen starting in Hyp mode -                                                   
- Setting up control registers -                                               
- Turning on paging -                                                          
- Ready -                                                                      
(XEN) CPU 3 booted.                                                            
(XEN) Brought up 4 CPUs                                                        
(XEN) P2M: 40-bit IPA                                                          
(XEN) P2M: 3 levels with order-1 root, VTCR 0x80003558                         
(XEN) I/O virtualisation disabled                                              
(XEN) *** LOADING DOMAIN 0 ***                                                 
(XEN) Loading kernel from boot module @ 000000007f600000                       
(XEN) Allocating 1:1 mappings totalling 128MB for dom0:                        
(XEN) BANK[0] 0x00000070000000-0x00000078000000 (128MB)                        
(XEN) Grant table range: 0x0000007fc00000-0x0000007fc61000                     
(XEN) Loading zImage from 000000007f600000 to 0000000077c00000-0000000077f55328
(XEN) Allocating PPI 16 for event channel interrupt                            
(XEN) Loading dom0 DTB to 0x0000000077a00000-0x0000000077a03cd0                
(XEN) Scrubbing Free RAM on 1 nodes using 4 CPUs                               
(XEN) ..done.                                                                  
(XEN) Initial low memory virq threshold set at 0x4000 pages.                   
(XEN) Std. Loglevel: All                                                       
(XEN) Guest Loglevel: All                                                      
(XEN) *** Serial input -> DOM0 (type 'CTRL-a' three times to switch input to Xe)
(XEN) Freed 264kB init memory.                                                 
(XEN) d0v0: vGICD: unhandled word write 0xffffffff to ICACTIVER4               
(XEN) traps.c:2447:d0v0 HSR=0x93840047 pc=0xc08170e8 gva=0xc8800384 gpa=0x000004

Bharat Gohil

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