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[Xen-devel] Question about the best practice to install two versions of Xen toolstack on the same machine

Hi all,

I'm trying to install two versions of Xen, say Xen 4.6 and Xen
4.7-unstable, onto the same machine. I want them to exist at the same
time, instead of letting one override the other.

I'm thinking about this because sometimes I want to try out someone
else's code which uses an older or newer version. But I also want to
keep my current version of Xen toolstack so that I won't need to
reinstall everything again later.

If I just use the following command, the new installation of the
toolstack will override the old version's toolstack. obviously:
$make dist
$sudo make install
(Right now, I just have to recompile my code after I tried out someone
else's code that has a different version. I can keep two version of
Xen kernel and configure it in the grub2 entries. But I have to
reinstall the toolstack.)

My quick question is:
Does anyone try to install two version of Xen toolstack on the same machine?
Is there any documentation about the best practice to install two
versions of Xen onto the same machine?

I had a look at the ./configure's help. There are several options,
each of which can specify a specific path to install.
However, I'm not that sure if I should configure every option to make it work.

For example, it has --prefix and --exec-prefix to change the PREFIX
from /usr/local to user defined path. However, there is also --bindir
and --sbindir; I assume I should change it, should I? In addition,
should I specify the --libexecdir for the program executables?

I found one very old link at [1], but I doubt if it's still working
since Xen changes the toolstack a lot since Xen 4.1

Thanks and Best Regards,

Meng Xu
PhD Student in Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania

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