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Re: [Xen-devel] [Embedded-pv-devel] [PATCH RFC 00/18] System adjustment to customer needs.

Hello Andrii,

On 20/05/16 18:09, Andrii Anisov wrote:
If I understand correctly, all the initiators but the GPU will be used by
DOM0 which is already direct mapped. The only issue here is allocating
memory enough memory below 4GB.
It's not about memory allocation for domain. It is rather about SDRAM
mapping on the bus. J6 has first 2GB for iomems, starting from
0x80000000 2GB of SDRAM mapping plus more SDRAM mapped over 4GB line.
Changing rambase_pfn is painful for J6 release kernel so we just make
it configurable by
     - [PATCH RFC 04/18] libxl: add ability to set rambase_pfn via cfg file.
     - [PATCH RFC 13/18] xen: introduce and use 'dom0_rambase_pfn'
setting for kernel Dom0

I am not sure to understand why you need to change the rambase_pfn. Is it because the kernel is using hardcoded address rather than using the device tree?


Julien Grall

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