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[Xen-devel] Basic bare metal ARM domain interface

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  • Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 19:42:20 +0000
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I'm working on bare metal application for ARM Cortex A7/15 on Odroid XU3 
platform. I'm using Xen 4.6.

After successfully creating bare metal example(by successful I mean I've stuck 
processor in while loop in main function), I probably should initialize memory
management unit and similiar. I've found FreeRTOS project on Github where 
similiar stuff was done for ARM Cortex A15. Project is done for Xen 4.4. 
Xen FreeRTOS project: https://github.com/GaloisInc/FreeRTOS-Xen/ .

1) I'm using 4.6. so I don't know if code from  is fully compatible? (I had to 
comment out lot of things because they block program, printing for example) 

2) Additionally , I would like to implement basic serial output to dom0 from my 
bare metal domU. What is the minimum one should do for implementing console 

3) Furthermore, as this should be bare metal application, I would like at least 
to be able to toggle LED. How can interface hardware from domU? My first guess
would be to directly address Exynos 5422 GPIO registers but I don't know if
that would work beacause application is running on VCPU (probably not??) ??

Any answer, example of implementation, specific documentation or advice would
be very helpful.

Thank you in advance...

Ivan Pavić
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