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[Xen-devel] xen arm64 dom0 question

Hi Julien, Stefano

On My ARM64 platform, there is 6GB memory.
0x80000000 - 0xfffffff: 2GB
0x880000000 - 0x9ffffffff: 4GB

xen will alloc 1:1 mapping for Dom0 memory, so if I assign dom0_mem with a 
value, saying 2048MB or bigger. xen will alloc continus memory from higher 
space in the higer 4GB.

But the SD controller in my ARM64 platform has a limitation that it can only
access 32bit address space. So if Dom0 memory is at higher 4GB, SD controller
can not work as expected, because it only works when the dma address is 32bit

So, Can we assign a hole in lower 32bit address space for Dom0 guest physical
memory, just as DomU? Dynamically find out a hole and size 128MB or bigger?
Or do you have any ideas?


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