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Re: [Xen-devel] Can't build ipxe with 6.1.1

Andrew Cooper writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] Can't build ipxe with 6.1.1"):
> Ian: Can we see about getting xenbits:ipxe.git which works, and is
> tested by osstest, in the same way as seabios currently is?

As I said on IRC, I have no objection to this plan.  When there is an
appropriate ipxe git branch we can put it on xenbits nest to seabios.
There would have to be a corresponding xen.git patch to clone and use
the new ipxe git repo.

If those pieces are present, I would be happy to do the associated
osstest work (which is very straightforward).

> iPXE has a rolling release with no specific version number, but does
> have a xen-netfront implementation (when we start using a version which
> isn't 6 years old), so some system testing of PXE booting HVM guests
> would be a good move.

There is currently no testing of pxebooting guests, in osstest.  I
would welcome patches to do that.  I guess they'd end up using ipxe
with qemu-trad and native pxe support with qemu upstream (assuming all
the toolstack plumbing is in place - which I'm not sure about TBH).
The starting point would probably be the Debian d-i test cases.
(Search for test-debian-di in osstest.git:make-flight.)


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