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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH] x86/apicv: fix RTC periodic timer and apicv issue

>>> On 06.09.16 at 10:53, <xuquan8@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> to be honest, my fix is also a tradeoff.. w/ my patch, multiple pending pt 
> interrupt instances may be combined as one injection of guest timer 
> interrupt..
>  but as Yang said, It should be ok since it happens rarely and even native 
> OS will encounter the same problem if it disable the interrupt for too long.

And one OS may properly deal with that situation while another
might not. For example, let me remind you of issues the hypervisor
had in earlier days when no event/softirq processing happened for
long enough, resulting in time management issues due to missed
platform timer overflow handling. IOW an OS may avoid that
situation by simply not disabling IRQs for too long a time.


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