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Re: [Xen-devel] Fwd: Openindiana, using -machine pc, accel=xen in qemu

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 06:20:16PM -0400, jim burns wrote:
> I didn't get any responses in xen-users, so I'm posting here. My use case is 
> as below, but the jist of it is is the qemu option -machine pc,accel=xen 
> meant 
> to be usable in standalone qemu, or is it only available from a guest 
> launched 
> by xl, or libvirtd via libxl? If the latter, are there any plans to make it 
> available as a standalone qemu option? 


-machine pc,accel=xen is to be used by libxl (used by xl or libvirt).
libxl takes care of creating a guest and launch QEMU when needed.

There are some QEMU options to start a xen guest with standalone qemu,
but I don't know if they works. Look for -xen-create. But I don't think
that is what you would need.

What is your xen config file for OI ?

Also, how do you start OI with KVM/tcg? (qemu command line)

> I have not been able to run OpenSolaris / openindiana (OI) in xen. OI is very 
> sensitive to the -machine parm in qemu. You can get grub to come up with hvm, 
> and add -v to the kernel line, and see that for -machine xenfv, the messages 
> stop / hang right after the printing of the cpuid features, and just before 
> pci bus enumeration. Qemu's -machine q35 is not much better. After the cpuid 

q35 won't work with Xen.

Anthony PERARD

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