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[Xen-devel] several domU crashes after 4.1->4.8 live migration


We had some issues after live migrating several domU from xen 4.1 to xen
4.8. We migrated around 200 domU and 5 crashed, from a few hours up to
several days after the migration. All the domU had more than 1 year of
uptime, and for example one crashed several days after the migration
during a high load period.

All 5 domU are running a 3.10 kernel (from 3.10.44 to 3.10.103). They
have between 2GB and 16GB of RAM, and between 1 and 4 vCPUS.

We use 3 types of machines (several PowerEdge C6100 (Intel L5640) and
R710 (Intel L5520), and one C8220 (Intel E5-2650)). The C6100 and R710
have 24 logical cores with HT enabled. The PowerEdge C8220 is only used
for Xen 4.8, and has 32 logical cores with HT enabled. The C6100 and the
R710 have 50GB of RAM, and the C8220 128GB. The xen 4.1 dom0 is running
a 3.4.69 kernel, and the xen 4.8 one a 4.1.37 kernel.

I've attached the most relevant parts of the domU kernel logs we could
get. It seems the crashes came from different components of the kernel,
though most of them seem to be related to memory.

Would anyone have any idea if that's something that could be fixed? Or
is it just that migrating from 4.1 to 4.8 is not supported?


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