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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v14 0/9] x86: multiboot2 protocol support

On 2/2/17 4:01 PM, Daniel Kiper wrote:
> Hi,
> I am sending fourteenth version of multiboot2 protocol support for
> legacy BIOS and EFI platforms. This patch series release contains
> fixes for all known/confirmed issues.
> The final goal is xen.efi binary file which could be loaded by EFI
> loader, multiboot (v1) protocol (only on legacy BIOS platforms) and
> multiboot2 protocol. This way we will have:
>   - smaller Xen code base,
>   - one code base for xen.gz and xen.efi,
>   - one build method for xen.gz and xen.efi;
>     xen.efi will be extracted from xen(-syms)
>     file using objcopy or special custom tool,
>   - xen.efi build will not so strongly depend
>     on a given GCC and binutils version.
> Here is short list of changes since v13:
>   - changed patches: 2, 4.

Want to make diffs of the diffs like last time? I know Jan and I
appreciated that and it made it easier to review.

Doug Goldstein

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