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Re: [Xen-devel] memory hotplug for domUs

Juergen Gross writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] memory hotplug for domUs"):
> As user interface we are starting with "xl mem-set" which will use
> memory hotplug if necessary and supported by the guest (guest indicates
> support via a Xenstore entry). A "force" parameter can be used with
> "xl mem-set" in case there is no support indicated in Xenstore. In the
> beginning memory hotplug will be supported for pv guests only.


> The memory hotplug functionality is offered by a libxl function which
> can be used by e.g. libvirt and, of course, by "xl mem-set". Support
> of memory hotplug by a guest can be tested by another libxl function.

I would be inclined to suggest that the automatic memory hotplug
should be implemented in libxl.  I hesistate to suggest atht the
existing libxl_set_memory_target should do this, so perhaps "xl
mem-set" should call a new function.

> In case it is needed we can add more xl commands in order to support
> e.g. special numa functionality.

Or additional options.

> Should we already consider numa parameters at the libxl interface
> (for now accepting "ANY" parameter only)?

Yes, certainly.

Mayb we should ahve a new version of libxl_set_memory_target which
takes an idl-generated parameter block rather than the existing two
paraemters, and also new optional numa and hotplus options ?


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