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[Xen-devel] dom0pvh issue with XEN 4.8.0

Hi all,
dom0pvh=1 is not working well for me with XEN 4.8.0 + linux kernel 4.9.2.

The system boots with no obvious issue.
But many user mode application are suffering from segfault, which
makes the dom0 not useable: The segfault always come from libc-2.24.so
while it works just fine in PV dom0.
I have no idea why, but those segfault would kill my ssh connection
while sshd is not showing up in the victim list.

Some examples:
Feb  5 14:25:28 gaia kernel: [  123.446346] getty[3044]: segfault at 0
ip 00007f5e769e6c60 sp 00007ffc57bc0a98 error 6 in
Feb  5 14:29:04 gaia kernel: [  339.671742] grep[4195]: segfault at 0
ip 00007f5d3b95ac60 sp 00007ffcc1620bb8 error 6 in
Feb  5 14:29:23 gaia kernel: [  358.495888] tail[4203]: segfault at 0
ip 00007f751314bc60 sp 00007fffe5ce5e48 error 6 in
Feb  5 14:35:06 gaia kernel: [  701.314247] bash[4323]: segfault at 0
ip 00007f3fef30ec60 sp 00007ffd48cc2058 error 6 in
Feb  5 14:48:43 gaia kernel: [ 1518.809924] ls[4910]: segfault at 0 ip
00007f29e9bc1c60 sp 00007ffd712752b8 error 6 in

Any suggestion on how to get this fixed?
I don't think I can do live debug since the userspace is quite unstable.
On the other hand, dmesg from both dom0 && XEN looks just fine.

PS: I'm using a custom compiled dom0 kernel. Is there any specific
kernel config is required to get dom0pvh=1 work?


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