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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/2] x86/shadow: Move shadow pagetable fields into struct shadow_vcpu

At 17:26 +0000 on 30 Jan (1485797162), Andrew Cooper wrote:
> The vTLB and last_write* booleans are used exclusively by the shadow pagetable
> code.  Move them from paging_vcpu to shadow_vcpu, which causes them to be
> entirely omitted on a build without shadow paging support.
> While changing the qualified names of these variables, drop an unnessary NULL
> check before freeing the vTLB, and move allocation of the vTLB from
> sh_update_paging_modes() to shadow_vcpu_init() where it more logically
> belongs.

In future, can you please separate incidental cleanups from the
mechanical renaming parts?  It makes patch review much easier.

> +    /* Allocate a virtual TLB for this vcpu. */
> +    v->arch.paging.shadow.vtlb = xzalloc_array(struct shadow_vtlb, 
> +    if ( !v->arch.paging.shadow.vtlb )
> +        return -ENOMEM;
> +    spin_lock_init(&v->arch.paging.shadow.vtlb_lock);

As Jan points out, the higher-level error path can now leak this array.

Apart from that, this looks good to me.



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