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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] x86/shadow: Correct the behaviour of a guests view of maxphysaddr


At 12:36 +0000 on 08 Feb (1486557378), Andrew Cooper wrote:
> XSA-173 (c/s 8b1764833) introduces gfn_bits, and an upper limit which might be
> lower than the real maxphysaddr, to avoid overflowing the superpage shadow
> backpointer.
> However, plenty of hardware has a physical address width less that 44 bits,
> and the code added in shadow_domain_init() is a straight asignment.  This
> causes gfn_bits to be increased beyond the physical address width on most
> Intel consumer hardware (which has a width of 39).

Once again, I think this is actually OK.  But cpuid and shadow not
agreeing on the limit is a bug and I'm happy for it to be resolved
this way.

> It also means that the effective maxphysaddr for shadowed guests differs from
> the value reported to the guest in CPUID.  This means that a guest can create
> PTEs which either should fault but don't, or shouldn't fault but do.

Can it really create a PTE that shouldn't fault but does?  AFAICS the
cpuid policy can report a lower value than 44 but not a higher one.

> Remove gfn_bits and rework its logic in terms of a guests maxphysaddr.
> recalculate_cpuid_policy() is updated to properly clamp maxphysaddr between
> the host maximum, a possibly-smaller shadow restriction, and 32 as a minimum.
> Signed-off-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>

> @@ -502,11 +504,17 @@ void recalculate_cpuid_policy(struct domain *d)
>      cpuid_featureset_to_policy(fs, p);
> -    p->extd.maxphysaddr = min(p->extd.maxphysaddr, max->extd.maxphysaddr);
> -    p->extd.maxphysaddr = min_t(uint8_t, p->extd.maxphysaddr,
> -                                d->arch.paging.gfn_bits + PAGE_SHIFT);
> -    p->extd.maxphysaddr = max_t(uint8_t, p->extd.maxphysaddr,
> -                                (p->basic.pae || p->basic.pse36) ? 36 : 32);
> +    maxphysaddr_limit = paging_mode_hap(d) ? hap_paddr_bits : paddr_bits;
> +
> +    if ( !IS_ENABLED(BIGMEM) && paging_mode_shadow(d) &&
> +         (!is_pv_domain(d) || opt_allow_superpage) )
> +    {
> +        /* Shadowed superpages store GFNs in 32-bit page_info fields. */
> +        maxphysaddr_limit = min(maxphysaddr_limit, 32U + PAGE_SHIFT);

I don't like this implementation detail escaping from x86/mm/shadow;
can we have a cpuid_limit_paddr_bits(d) that the shadow code can call
to tell cpuid about this?  Or perhaps a paging_max_paddr_bits(d) so
cpuid can ask paging when it needs to know?

In either case I wonder whether there needs to be some trigger of
recalculate_cpuid_policy() once shadow mode is enabled -- I guess
currently it relies on it being called by something late enough in hvm
domain creation?

> +    }
> +
> +    p->extd.maxphysaddr = min_t(uint8_t, p->extd.maxphysaddr, 
> maxphysaddr_limit);
> +    p->extd.maxphysaddr = max_t(uint8_t, p->extd.maxphysaddr, 32);

No longer requiring 36 bits for pae/pse36?  This is mentioned in the
description but not explained.

The rest of this looks fine to me.



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