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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 04/24] x86: refactor psr: implement CPU init and free flow.

> > +static void cpu_fini_work(unsigned int cpu)
> > +{
> > +    unsigned int socket = cpu_to_socket(cpu);
> > +
> > +    if ( !socket_cpumask[socket] || cpumask_empty(socket_cpumask[socket]) )
> I fear I don't understand this.
> Looking at 65a399ac it says:
> +    .notifier_call = cpu_callback,
> +    /*
> +     * Ensure socket_cpumask is still valid in CPU_DEAD notification
> +     * (E.g. our CPU_DEAD notification should be called ahead of
> +     * cpu_smpboot_free).
> Which means that socket_cpumask[socket] should have an value.
> In fact cpumask_any(socket_cpumask[socket]) will return true at this
> point.
> Which means that code above gets called if this psr_cpu_fini is called
> _after_ cpu_smpboot_free (b/c socket_cpumask[socket] will be NULL), see
> cpu_smpboot_free.
> But with .priority being -1 that won't happen.
> But lets ignore that, lets say it does get called _after_
> cpu_smpboot_free. In which case the first part of the 'if' condition
> is true and we end up doing: cpumask_empty(NULL) which will result
> in an page fault.
> I think this is a bug.

I missed the fact that we call this function on CPU_UP_CANCELED
_and_ CPU_DEAD and that remove_siblinginfo is called before CPU_DEAD.

So say the socket is being onlined and we are the first CPU on
that (CPU=2).

1) CPU_UP_PREPARE notifier calls psr_cpu_prepare which allocates

2). Some other notifies dies and we end up calling CPU_UP_CANCELED.
   psr_cpu_fini -> cpu_fini_work:

   Since __cpu_up has not been called that means
   socket_cpumask[socket] == NULL

   and we enter free_feature.

   It does 'if !(socket_info + socket)' effectively. And that is false
   as init_psr was the one initializing that array which means the
   pointer (info aka socket_info + socket) certainly is not NULL.

   Anyhow this means free_feature tries to walk the list - but 'info'
   is full of zeros.

   Which means list_for_each_entry_safe is going to blow when trying
   to set 'n' (as pos is zero aka NULL).

   Perhaps you want an INIT_LIST_HEAD in 'init_psr' so that free_feature
   can be idempotent?

   Or perhaps you need '&&' in the if conditional (and naturally
   remove the !)?

   I wonder what other CPU notifiers are guilty of this..

Lets try another example:

1) CPU_UP_PREPARE notifier calls psr_cpu_prepare which allocates

2) All notifiers were OK, the __cpu_up has been called. The
   socket_cpumask[socket] = <some data>

3) All notifiers are called with CPU_ONLINE.
   All good.

..some time later ..

4). CPU is brought down. Notifiers for CPU_DOWN_PREPARE are called
   [psr is not part of it]

5) CPU notifiers CPU_DEAD are called. They all have to return
    NOTIFY_DONE otherwise we hit 'BUG_ON'

   We call psr_cpu_fini -> cpu_fini_work

   socket_cpumask[socket] has some data, so the first conditional
   is false:

    ( !socket_cpumask[socket] ||

   the second:

    cpumask_empty(socket_cpumask[socket]) )

   is true as take_cpu_down -> __cpu_disable -> remove_siblinginfo

   was called before us.(and this is the first CPU in the socket).

   And we call free_feature.
   which is correct and we free our data.

   And the 'cpumask_empty' guards us so that we only call this
   on the very last CPU.

  And we would still call this if the conditional was:

  if ( socket_cpumask[socket] && cpumask_empty(socket_cpumask[socket]))

  I think?

Feel free to poke holes at my analysis - I am sure I missed some edge

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