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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v8 00/24] Enable L2 Cache Allocation Technology & Refactor psr.c

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 04:49:15PM +0800, Yi Sun wrote:
> Hi all,
> We plan to bring a new PSR (Platform Shared Resource) feature called
> Intel L2 Cache Allocation Technology (L2 CAT) to Xen.
> Besides the L2 CAT implementaion, we refactor the psr.c to make it more
> flexible to add new features and fulfill the principle, open for extension
> but closed for modification. We abstract the general operations of all
> features and encapsulate them into a structure. Then, the development
> of new feature is simple to mainly implement these callback functions.
> The patch set can be found at:
> https://github.com/yisun-git/xen.git l2_cat_v8
> v7:
> - patch 1:
>     - change revision info.
>     - add content int 'Areas for improvement'.
> - patch 4:
>     - remove unused parameter of psr_cpu_prepare.
>     - add comments in cpu_fini_work.
>     - coding style fix.
> - patch 12:
>     - modify 'write_msr' callback function to 'void' because we have to set
>       all features' cbm. When input cos exceeds some features' cos_max, just
>       skip them but not break the iteration.
> - patch 16:
>     - modify 'l3_cdp_write_msr' to 'void'.
> - patch 20:
>     - modify 'l2_cat_write_msr' to 'void'.

While I appreciate you acting so quickly on the changes it is kind of hard to
review while you repost so quickly.

Please in the future just respond to your patch (say #4)
with an updated patch (v6.1 for example) which would have
the changes requested.

Ditto for #12, #16 and #20.

Unless of course there are some big changes to be done (those
above seem pretty small).

Also you may want to include a legend of which patch has been acked,
reviewed and which needs attention.

Something like:

 a - acked
 r - reviewed-by

 ar  docs: create Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) and Code and Data
 ar  x86: refactor psr: remove L3 CAT/CDP codes.
 ar  x86: refactor psr: implement main data structures.

    x86: refactor psr: implement get hw info flow for CDP.

And so on. That helps folks figure out which to jump

Or you can say at the description:

PAtch #1->#6 have been Reviewed.

#7-blah need help, etc.


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