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Re: [Xen-devel] Commit moratorium for branching Xen 4.10

Julien Grall writes ("Commit moratorium for branching Xen 4.10"):
> Xen tree is going to branch at RC7. I don't want to branch when
> master != staging, so please avoid committing new patches to staging now
> to let master catch up with staging. Another announcement will be made
> when the moratorium is lifted.

4.10 is now branched off from unstable.

I have set a baseline osstest run off (116747) by hand.  (osstest will
only start regularly testing the 4.10 branches when the osstest commit
that adds the 4.10 branch makes it through the push gate, so there
will be a delay unless I force push it.)

I have pushed to staging-4.10 the commit to disable debug.  (As
discussed above, this will not receive a test run immediately.)

Both branches can now be committed to without interfering with the
branching process.  However, both branches are currently still owned
by Julien as Release Manager.

Julien, please advise committers what kinds of commits each branch is
open for, if any.


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