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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC Patch v4 2/8] ioreq: bump the number of IOREQ page to 4 pages

On Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 03:04:11PM +0000, Paul Durrant wrote:
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>> Subject: [RFC Patch v4 2/8] ioreq: bump the number of IOREQ page to 4
>> pages
>> One 4K-byte page at most contains 128 'ioreq_t'. In order to remove the vcpu
>> number constraint imposed by one IOREQ page, bump the number of IOREQ
>> page to
>> 4 pages. With this patch, multiple pages can be used as IOREQ page.
>> Basically, this patch extends 'ioreq' field in struct hvm_ioreq_server to an
>> array. All accesses to 'ioreq' field such as 's->ioreq' are replaced with
>> In order to access an IOREQ page, QEMU should get the gmfn and map this
>> gmfn
>> to its virtual address space.
>No. There's no need to extend the 'legacy' mechanism of using magic page gfns. 
>You should only handle the case where the mfns are allocated on demand (see 
>the call to hvm_ioreq_server_alloc_pages() in hvm_get_ioreq_server_frame()). 
>The number of guest vcpus is known at this point so the correct number of 
>pages can be allocated. If the creator of the ioreq server attempts to use the 
>legacy hvm_get_ioreq_server_info() and the guest has >128 vcpus then the call 
>should fail.

Great suggestion. I will introduce a new dmop, a variant of
hvm_get_ioreq_server_frame() for creator to get an array of gfns and the
size of array. And the legacy interface will report an error if more
than one IOREQ PAGES are needed.


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