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[Xen-devel] Memory usage on Aarch64


I'm trying to understand how Xen and each domain use RAM
on Aarch64 systems.

My understanding is that during Xen startup, Xen will copy
itself to upper physical memory, and continue to run from there,
correct? Is there any information on how the heap is handled here
compared to Xen on ARM (e.g. domheap and xenheap)?

From http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Xen+Hypervisor+internals, it looks
like all memory for dom0 is mapped 1:1. Does this mean that dom0
keeps physical memory from address 0 up until dom0_mem?

Further below, it mentions that each domU has an artificial memory
map. But I'm not sure what this looks like in memory. Could someone
clarify how this is done?

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