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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 1/2] xen/arm: Add MVEBU UART driver for Marvell Armada 3700 SoC

On 04/04/18 23:25, Amit Tomer wrote:
> Hi,
>> Just a nit, but it might be smarter to first check for the receive IRQ,
>> because not handling this might loose information. TX is less critical.
> Ok, actually tried it ealier when  I was debugging the Rx path issue and
> that time it didn't work. May be I should try it again.
>> Similar to the earlyprintk behaviour we are a bit pessimistic here. I
>> don't know if there is a way to determine the number of free characters
>> in the FIFO, but we could at least return 1 if the FIFO is not full:
>>         if (fifo_empty)
>>                 return FIFO_SIZE;
>>         if (!fifo_full)
>>                 return 1;
>>         return 0;
> Yeah, I thought of it initially like should we also return half the
> size of FIFO(16) when STAT_TX_FIFO_HFL bit is set ?

Ah yes, if that works, we should. That bit is from the Linux BSP, isn't it?


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