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[Xen-devel] Xen and certifications, Minutes of the meeting on Apr 4th

Hi all,

The main topic of the meeting was certifications for Xen on ARM. The gap
analysis document, mentioned in the previous call, is copyrighted. It
might not be possible to relicense it. Regardless of the document, we
started discussing the major work items and next steps.

1) Requirements to the code, a subset of MISRA for ASIL B
Next step: get more information about requirements and publish it to

2) Create a subset of functions that need to go through certifications
Next step: create a small Kconfig. We could use the Renesas Rcar as
reference. We need a discussion about the features we need, for example
real-time schedulers, do we need them or not?

3) Understand how to address dom0. FreeRTOS Dom0 sounds like a good
Next step: reach out to Dornerworks and/or others that worked with
FreeRTOS on Xen before. Figure out whether FreeRTOS is actually a
suitable solution and what needs to be done to run FreeRTOS as Dom0.

4) Create artifacts, such as docs, fault analysis, prove fault tolerance,
safety management docs, development processes.
Next step: we need to bring in a company, a certification body, to guide
us through the process.

I wrote these items to the Xen Project wiki:

I contacted Lars (CC'ed) who volunteered to help.

We also briefly discussed other topics during the call, see below.

AGL will select 2 hypervisors out of the list. Artem has already an
out-of-the-box solution for AGL. Artem will chase up and make sure that
Xen will be one of the two.

Genivi has an hypervisor group. It is leaning toward Xen now. Genivi is
trying to ensure that they are aligned with all vendors.

Chase up with Konrad on missing ACKs on patches for PV Audio.

Artem suggested to write a whitepaper about Xen real-time capabilities.
Stefano volunteered to help.

On Spectre: we need to update XSA with the status.

Mirela is ready to send patches for cpu suspend and power saving. Julien
suggested that cpu hotplug needs to be fixed before suspend/resume.



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