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Re: [Xen-devel] X86 Community Call: Wed March 14, 15:00 - 16:00 UTC - Meeting Minutes

Hi all,
please find attached the meeting minutes at 
 and as PDF.
A markdown version is also below
Best Regards

# Minutes: x86 Community Call April 2018

_I moved some of the sections around to better reflect dependencies and where 
work items
are blocked to ensure that the May agenda can run more smoothly. New actions 
are labelled_

#### ACTION (April) in brown ​.

## Attendees

● Lars Kurth (chair)
● Chao Gao, Luwei Kang , Yang Zhong, Yu Zhang, Zhang Yi (Intel)
● Juergen Gross, Jan Beulich (Suse)
● Daniel P Smith, Jason Andryuk, Christopher Clark, Rich Persaud (OpenXT)
● Julien Grall (ARM)
● Tamas Lengyel (Zentific, AIS)
● Brian Woods (AMD)
● Andrew Cooper, George Dunlap, Paul Durrant, Sergey Dyasli, Roger Pau Monné,
Wei Liu (Citrix)
## CC the following people who did not attend (due to ACTIONs)

● Suravee Suthikulpanit (AMD)
● Razvan Cojocaru (Bitdefender)
## AOB

Need to have a list of dial-in numbers, such that people can call in without 
using GTM. Lars
can’t see the list of numbers (sigh), but people who have joined the meeting as 
guests can.
**ACTION (April - DONE):** ​ George to send list to Lars
**ACTION (April):** ​Lars to include in invite
Agreed to set up a side IRC channel for discussions
**ACTION (April):** ​ Lars to include blurb into invite on using #xendevel - or 
do we want to use
something ad-hoc (e.g. #xendevel-communitycall)

## Project Management stuff to keep the Momentum going

I will keep these in the agenda for progress tracking, but do not expect a 
discussion unless
someone requests so. ​Open ACTIONs marked in RED, ​closed in blue.

## [RFC XEN PATCH v4 00/41] Add vNVDIMM support to HVM domains

**Plan forward**

Royger to work with Zhang: write down the updated design first. Then resolve 
the difficult
outstanding issues either by mail or if this doesn’t work in a meeting.
**ACTION (only sent to Royger, not on list):** ​ Haozhong Zhang to update the 
design doc and
include it into the next version of the series (1st patch of series).
There were several off-line discussions and a whiteboard discussion. This seems 
even more
complex than we thought. This looks like it is progressing, but Royger/George 
have come
across gaps in relevant sections of ​ACPI / UEFI / NVDIMM specs, which make 
resolving this
George: working on it, moving forward.
Yu Zhang: Intel is following up internally. Yi Zhang, will pick up development 
for this feature
from Haozhong Zhang. There were quite a few discussions off-list, and we still 
need time to
understand the big picture. Should have something more in 2 weeks.
Yu Zhang: Roger has proposed two different stages, but not yet sure whether 
this will cause
any difficulties.
Royger: I introduced two stages to make it easier to review / commit.
Yu Zhang: Agrees
**ACTION (April):** ​Lars will move this into a new section called “Progressing 
- No further
action needed” for the May meeting.
**ACTION (March):** ​ Haozhong Zhang to drop the RFC and CC George and Roger
**ACTION (March):** ​ Royger will help and give feedback. George will also be 
involved as he
needs to review the memory side of the series. He will
**ACTION (March):** ​ If needed - we can set up a meeting between Zhang and 
stakeholders. Lars and John to take over an admin role to make sure developers 
can focus
on the substance.

### [PATCH RFC 00/10] x86 passthrough code cleanup

### Sent in for meeting agenda by Wei

**ACTION (DONE):** ​John - ask Kevin Tian to give a clear go/no-go decision 
about the direction
of this series
**ACTION:** ​ Janakarajan Natarajan (AMD) to follow up within AMD
Wei: have not heard from AMD. Got an ACK from our Xen maintainers.
Andrew: This is primarily Common code clean-up
Wei: There is dead code deletions

Julien: Had a similar issues with patches that are blocked on ​Suravee 
Suthikulpanit (AMD)
**ACTION (April - DONE):** ​Brian Wood to ping ​Suravee Suthikulpanit (AMD)
There was a little bit of a discussion on that ​Suravee is primarily working on 
Linux, while
Brian is not yet fully up-to-speed.
**ACTION (April):** ​Lars to propose fixing CC issue in xen.git:MAINTAINERS 
copying the L
and R section entries from Linux.git:MAINTAINERS (will need changes to 
**ACTION (April):** ​Lars to have a back-channel discussion with AMD on how to 
solve this.
Note: Brian agreed to be CC’ed

### [PATCH 0/7] paravirtual IOMMU interface

Sent in for meeting agenda by George
**ACTION (March):** ​Paul to resend the series with a clear problem statement. 
It may also
make sense for Andy, Paul and George to sit together
Paul: Waiting for 2+ week before this happens
**ACTION (April):** ​ Lars will move this into a new section called “Waiting 
for Contributor
Section” for the May meeting, unless there is a new development.

### [PATCH v4 0/4] x86/cpuid: enable new cpu features

From: Yang Zhong
Link: ​https://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2018-01/msg00049.html
**ACTION (DONE):** ​Lars to point to the existing tool
See ​http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=xen.git;a=tree;f=tools/tests/x86_emulator
Also, if you look in Jan's emulator series, most patches touch both the 
hypervisor and that
test logic​, e.g. many patches in 
**ACTION (March):** ​ John will make sure that Yang is following up on this.
Jan: There was private follow-up
Agreement: park until patches arrive
**ACTION (April):** ​ Lars will move this into a new section called “Waiting 
for Contributor
Section” for the May meeting, unless there is a new development.

## UPDATES / Design Discussions

### PVHv2 Status (Royger)

Royger will give an update on PVHv2 work.
DomU interface is stable
Dom0 is missing PCI passthrough
Initial Dom0 submitted marked as experimental
Issue: No-one working on PVHv2 Linux
Coordinating with Juergen/Boris.
Royger can to do it (but would be good to have someone else to get an 
independent view)
**ACTION (April):** ​Royger to add a bit more detail

### PCI Emulation - Future Direction (Royger, Stefano, Julien)

Discuss PCI emulation and our future direction. Our current hybrid with QEMU is 
increasingly problematic.
I would propose that we ​ **cut this off at say 35 minutes after the hour** ​, 
if we do not make
progress then we set up a separate forum for this, but we should get some of 
the issues out
into the open. We should also propose a Design Session at summit, but may try 
to progress
before by other means.
**ACTION (April):** ​Lars to set up separate meeting. Announce on list and CC 
Christopher, Rich, Paul, Julien, Daniel P Smith, Alexey ??? (I believe Royger 
mentioned his
Note: need e-mail addresses from Daniel P Smith, Alexey

## Blocked Series

### AMD AVIC Series

Andrew: looks in good state
Will get reviewed in due course

### [PATCH RFC 00/14] EPT-Based Sub-page Write Protection Support

### (​Zhang Yi)

RFC posted by Zhang Yi Oct 19, 2017

No acks, reviews only by memaccess maintainers / developers
Issues: Use case for the feature is still not clear and needs discussion
Lars: who needs to review?
Andrew: mainly George, Tamas, Razvan - major changes to ept2pm structure 
page table structure) and Andrew.
Andrew: did take a quick look. Nothing egregious in it. Did not have a lot of 
free time to look
at it.
George: was going to look at it, but focus on NVDIMM first and EPT stuff second.
Tamas: provides write protection on the sub-page - my tools don't have a 
use-case for this.
Also not sure how this would integrate into alt2pm. Razvan may have a use-case.
Andrew: no interaction with alt2pm, write protection 128 byte aligned 
granularity instead of
4K for write tracking a substructure within a page
Zhang Yi: I have a change in the patch which he wants to look at
George: can look at modifying that or store the type information elsewhere
Andrew: Have to shuffle the bits in the EPT tree
Summary: the issue isn’t really about use-cases, but primarily about 
prioritizing George’s
**ACTION (April):** ​ Andrew will poke Razvan (give some indication interface 
ios going)
**ACTION (April):** ​George will pick this up after NVDIMM has made some 

### [RFC Patch v4 0/8] Extend resources to support more vcpus in single

### VM

Sent in by George
RFC v3 by Lan Tianyu: ​https://marc.info/?l=xen-devel&m=150530044827940​; (Sep 
RFC v4 re-posted by Chao Gao: 
​https://xen.markmail.org/thread/tlto7b3fadp7kkw6​; (Dec 17)
From: Chao Gao
Number of ACKs: 2
Quite a bit of feedback on v4 from a few people up to Feb 28th
Dependencies: Virtual interrupt remapping of virtual VT-d and Changes to IOREQ 
server is
based on Paul Durrant's "x86: guest resource mapping".

UPDATE: Sufficient Patches are now in 4.11 to unblock that
Andrew: This also unblocks some of the introspection work

### ACTION (April - DONE): ​ Lars move into a different section

## Longer Term - No Code Reviews yet

### [PATCH RESEND v1 0/7] Intel Processor Trace virtulization enabling

v1.1 Posted by Kang, Luwei on 15 January 2018.
Issue: No feedback.
Andrew: looked at the Intel manual, which is fairly complex. There are a number 
of cases
that are not clear (e.g. the Hypervisor should emulate X without code example). 
Thus, I was
not in a great position to comment.
Andrew: Linux has some code now, which can be looked at as reference. This 
should help
unblock this.
Jan: Comments that it is rather difficult to look at some series, which also 
require reading
large specs.
George: Should we assign someone to shepherd this through?
General agreement!
George: Anyone volunteer to look at it?
Wei: it’s in Wei’s list, which is rather big
George: We had an overview at the summit, but that didn’t help with 
implementation details
**Status:** ​This could now be looked at, but unless someone but Wei steps up, 
it will take some
time. Realistically nothing will happen in the next month or so.
**ACTION (April):** ​Lars to talk Intel, George & Wei with a view of whether a 
could be arranged at the summit and whether it makes sense. It will need some 
by the reviewer though.

## Longer Term - Waiting on dependency

### [RFC PATCH 0/8] Add guest CPU topology support

Sent in for meeting agenda by George

Some feedback from Andrew Cooper and Daniel De Graaf
Dependencies: Andrew's CPUID work. Currently, this version doesn't have any 
But Andrew thought it was on the wrong direction. So Chao decided to wait for 
work to finish and rework based on CPUID.
Andrew: CPUID work going on at the moment. Patches should arrive fairly soon 
(2-3 weeks).
Thus, this should be unblocked soon.
**ACTION (April):** ​ Lars will move this into a new section called “Recently 
dependencies” for the May meeting.

### [RFC PATCH v2 00/17] RFC: SGX Virtualization design and draft
### patches

Latest Posting Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017
Link: ​https://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2017-12/msg00104.html
From: Kai Huang
Number of ACKs: 0
Issue: No feedback.
Andrew: SGX is more complicated than Processor Trace virtualization. Does not 
understand how to understand/create an enclave.
Andrew: SGX case has a server use-case, but it is more complex. It’s a massive 
area with
incomplete information. Can’t currently for example create an enclave without 
the signing
infrastructure (which is not yet in place). ​ There is also no ecosystem for 
native OSes as
Andrew: But we do have some Hardware
Jan: Saw a large number of errata
Andrew: All of these have been fixed in uCode or ME updates
Andrew: Will need to read specs for 1-2 weeks to be able to start reviewing 
(due to
Rich: The signing infrastructure isn’t ready, which makes it hard to understand 

**ACTION (April):** ​Lars to think about this, discuss with Intel (CC 
​kai.huang@xxxxxxxxx​). Then
get back to the group and discuss. Issue is about understanding how all the 
pieces fit
Dependencies: ​some areas of this are blocked on CPUID work (which should be 

## Longer Term - Agreed to Pause

### [PATCH v4 00/28] add vIOMMU support with irq remapping function of
### virtual VT-d

Sent in for meeting agenda by George
v3 posted by Lan Tianyu on 22 September 2017: ​marc.info/?l=xen-devel&m=
v4 posted by Chao Gao: ​https://xen.markmail.org/thread/wfyorbn3nzsio6s
**Seems to have had review by Roger Pau Monne (1 ACK)
No issues**
Primarily needs George as reviewer
Agreed to park this, because NVDIMM work is more important

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