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[Xen-devel] Linux Dom0 console handling (again)

Jürgen, Boris,

looks like commit 47b02f4c62 ("x86/xen: add tty0 and hvc0 as
preferred consoles for dom0") doesn't get us quite there yet - non-
kernel boot output (and a console prompt) still doesn't appear on
the screen. For now I'm using

--- a/arch/x86/xen/enlighten_pv.c
+++ b/arch/x86/xen/enlighten_pv.c
@@ -1409,8 +1409,11 @@ asmlinkage __visible void __init xen_sta
-       add_preferred_console("tty", 0, NULL);
+       if (!boot_params.screen_info.orig_video_isVGA)
+               add_preferred_console("tty", 0, NULL);
        add_preferred_console("hvc", 0, NULL);
+       if (boot_params.screen_info.orig_video_isVGA)
+               add_preferred_console("tty", 0, NULL);
 #ifdef CONFIG_PCI
        /* PCI BIOS service won't work from a PV guest. */

but that looks more like a hack, not the least because
- orig_video_isVGA is always set for Dom0 (independent of whether
  there actually is any VGA, let alone the question of whether there's
  any monitor connected),
- XenoLinux iirc had non-kernel output (but not the prompt) appear
  on both the screen and the serial console (albeit that may have
  been only with older Linux, i.e. I'm not certain this not being the
  case anymore is an effect of the Xen-specific pieces being


Thanks, Jan

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