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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.11 v3 0/11] Provide support matrix generator

Ian Jackson writes ("[PATCH for-4.11 v3 0/11] Provide support matrix 
> This series provides code to generate a feature support matrix, to
> replace the one on the wiki.  You can see an example of the output
> here:

I spoke to Wei IRL and he expressed a disinclination to review my
matrix generation machinery :-) and said I should commit it.

So I have pushed patches 1-7 to staging right away.  When they are
through to master, I intend to push them to staging-4.10, unless
someone objects.

For 8-11 I'm awaiting any opinions about the output and in particular
whether to include
>  +   11/11] docs/parse-support-md: Identical [*]: only use extra
>             table cell if necessary


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