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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.11 v3 0/11] Provide support matrix generator

On 12/04/2018, 13:28, "Ian Jackson" <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    This series provides code to generate a feature support matrix, to
    replace the one on the wiki.  You can see an example of the output

I prefer this one. It's cleaner and easier to navigate.
I would leave out the "}" in the navigation though. 

I suppose, we also need to add "Supported-Until" and "Security-Support-Until" 
for the 4.10 stuff and roll this into the format changes for SUPPORT.md

Let me know when committed and the page is there, such that I can commit 
"[PATCH governance.git] Make Security Policy Doc ready to become a CNA" 
That probably needs a couple of ACKs though, but it doesn't change the policy 
substance, so maybe it doesn't

I am proposing not to repost just to change the URL (once generated)


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