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Re: [Xen-devel] SVM MSRs issue

> While testing MSR vm_events, we've come accross some puzzling behaviour
> while trying to follow the guest's MSR_LSTAR: it starts out as zero,
> then it changes value before the first MSR write event, without going
> through svm_msr_write_intercept(). The culprit seems to be a
> svm_vmsave_pa() call.

I should mention that this only happens with our introspection agent
active, which calls XEN_DOMCTL_gethvmcontext_partial as soon as the
guest is up. That is the call that ends up in hvm_save_one() and then
further on to svm_vmsave_pa().

Starting a guest "normally" is fine, everything works as expected.


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