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[Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.10 0/9] SUPPORT.md backports to support matrix generation

This is a backport of my two recent series to fix bugs in SUPPORT.md,
format it as part of the published docs, and use relative position of
the `Status' stanza compared to descriptive text to indicate whether
the text is a caveat that deserves a footnote.

Most of this is uncontroversial and I have run the build and checked
that the resulting index.html is good.

It would be good if someone could review particularly the way I
resolved the conflicts in the big patch to SUPPORT.md, ie in
  [PATCH 8/9] SUPPORT.md: Move descriptions up before Status info

The result for 4.10's
SUPPORT.md is here:

I have also checked that (with the patch I am about to send for
staging's parse-support-md) that this generates a sensible-looking
support matrix.  The resulting support matrix can be found here:
(The hyperlink references for staging are to the live xenbits version;
the references for 4.10 are to the example output file mentioned above.)

I have squashed the fix to not depend on HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath into
the patch that introduces the dependency.

For my reference, this was made as follows:
  docs/support-matrix-generate -D HEAD 
refs/heads/wip.support-stmt-NN-2 SUPPORT.html 2>&1 >docs/html/t.html |less
  rsync -LvP docs/html/{t,SUPPORT}.html 


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