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Re: [Xen-devel] [PULL v9 00/16] xen: xen-domid-restrict improvements

Peter Maydell writes ("Re: [PULL v9 00/16] xen: xen-domid-restrict 
> Hi -- my apply-pullreq script thinks this isn't a signed tag:
> error: remotes/iwj/for-upstream.depriv-2: cannot verify a non-tag object of
> type commit. Does not appear to be a signed tag

It isn't.  It's not a tag at all.  It's a branch.

> We only apply signed-tag pull requests these days; could you
> create and sign a tag and resend the pullreq, please? (You
> only need to resend the cover letter, not the whole set of
> patches.)

I can do that.  Alternatively you could manually verify the signature
on my email and observe that it mentions the correct commit hash.

> (https://wiki.qemu.org/Contribute/SubmitAPullRequest
> is our process documentation on pull requests, but I think
> everything else with this one is fine.)

I read that.  It does not say that the pull request must refer to a
signed tag.  It says that the pull request must be signed, so I signed
my pull request by feeding the email body to gnupg.

A detailed explanation of why you want the pull request to be signed,
rather than for it to be an unsigned email referring to a signed tag,
is beyond the scope of this memo :-).

Anyway, would you like me to make a signed tag and send you an
unsigned email referring to it, then ?  Or will you use the signed
email ?


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