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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.11 v2 0/2] Add Designated Reviewer (R:) to MAINTAINERS (plus a test case)

On 30/04/2018, 14:39, "George Dunlap" <george.dunlap@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    On 04/30/2018 02:23 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
    > Jan Beulich writes ("Re: [PATCH for-4.11 v2 0/2] Add Designated Reviewer 
(R:) to MAINTAINERS (plus a test case)"):
    >> On 30.04.18 at 10:21, <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >>> On 30/04/2018, 08:57, "Jan Beulich" <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > ...
    >>> That is my fault: I got into trouble with git and must have done 
    >>> wrong. If it helps, I can switch the order and re-send. 
    >> I don't think that's necessary - whoever ends up committing them can 
    >> enough switch them around.
    > I will do so when all is clear.
    >> I would commit them right away, if only I was
    >> really clear whether we've all settled on this.
    > I have been following this.  I think this is a good idea.
    > Basically it is a way for someone to declare an interest in an area of
    > code, and get copied on changes, without having to grant that person
    > any formal decisionmaking authority.
    > If this is not sufficiently clear, do you think we should document
    > this more clearly ?  Perhaps we could write:
    >   +       R: Designated reviewer: FullName <address@domain>
    >   +        Reviewers should be CCed on patches.  However, they do not
    >   +        have a formal governance role, and are listed here
    >   +        simply because of their own request.
    > or something ?
    +1 to this description; but I took Jan to mean that it wasn't clear
    whether we as a community had decided having such a framework was a good
    one (although it sounded like he was personally in favor).
    Lazy consensus says that if people don't object, it's assumed that
    they're OK with it.  The first version of this series was posted 25
    April; if people are concerned about giving people a chance to object,
    we could wait until 2 May to check it in.  That would give people a week
    in which to object if they want.
    I wouldn't object to someone checking it in now, however; I think all
    the committers have had a chance to object, and most have expressed support.

Agreed. And it was discussed at the x86 community call, which is why I put the 
patch together


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