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Re: [Xen-devel] domain_crash_sync vs "plain crash"

>>> On 07.05.18 at 03:06, <charles.fg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I'm performing some hypercalls with some "unexpected" parameters
> (robustness test) sometimes the guest is explicitly  "killed" by xen
> calling the domain_crash(), but sometimes the guest just crash without any
> explicit message on dmesg or logs.
> Are those "plain crashes" an expected behavior by design on Xen or are they
> some untreated parameter checking or something else?

A silent crash is never supposed to happen, but you always need to first
consider whether the crashing component actually has a way to get
something out to wherever you monitor its logs. That is, without (physical
or virtual, depending on component) serial console you're often unlikely to
actually observe any messages connected to the crash.

If you can track down a _truly_ silent crash to its origin, submitting a patch
to make it non-silent would be appreciated.


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