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[Xen-devel] Test for osstest, features used in Qubes OS


As discussed some time ago, I'd like to help with adding tests for some
features we use in Qubes OS.

IMO the easiest thing to test is host suspend. You just need to execute
"rtcwake -s 30 -m mem", and see if the host is back to live after ~30s.
Right now I know it works on Xen 4.8, but supposedly is broken on
staging (haven't tested the most recent version).
Next step would be the same while having some domains running.

How the test should look like (where to add this? etc)?

Next things would be mostly related to PCI passthrough:
 - PCI passthrough with qemu in stubdomain
 - the same as above, but with Linux-based stubdomain (we need cleanup
   and send patches for that first, probably 4.12 material)
 - guest suspend (recently added libxl_domain_suspend_only), for
   different guest types (PV, PVH, HVM), also with/without PCI device

For this, the machine obviously need to have IOMMU (I assume at least
some of the hardware used in test lab have it), and some spare PCI
device. I use sound card for some of such tests. But testing on USB
controllers would be more useful (from out experience, one of the most
problematic devices for suspend, sadly also lacking FLR or such...).

Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab
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