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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 9/9] x86/vmx: Don't leak EFER.NXE into guest context

At 12:20 +0100 on 22 May (1526991646), Andrew Cooper wrote:
> Intel hardware only uses 4 bits in MSR_EFER.  Changes to LME and LMA are
> handled automatically via the VMENTRY_CTLS.IA32E_MODE bit.
> SCE is handled by ad-hoc logic in context_switch(), vmx_restore_guest_msrs()
> and vmx_update_guest_efer(), and works by altering the host SCE value to match
> the setting the guest wants.  This works because, in HVM vcpu context, Xen
> never needs to execute a SYSCALL or SYSRET instruction.
> However, NXE has never been context switched.  Unlike SCE, NXE cannot be
> context switched at vcpu boundaries because disabling NXE makes PTE.NX bits
> reserved and cause a pagefault when encountered.  This means that the guest
> always has Xen's setting in effect, irrespective of the bit it can see and
> modify in its virtualised view of MSR_EFER.
> This isn't a major problem for production operating systems because they, like
> Xen, always turn the NXE on when it is available.  However, it does have an
> observable effect on which guest PTE bits are valid, and whether
> PFEC_insn_fetch is visible in a #PF error code.
> Second generation VT-x hardware has host and guest EFER fields in the VMCS,
> and support for loading and saving them automatically.  First generation VT-x
> hardware needs to use MSR load/save lists to cause an atomic switch of
> MSR_EFER on vmentry/exit.
> Therefore we update vmx_init_vmcs_config() to find and use guest/host EFER
> support when available (and MSR load/save lists on older hardware) and drop
> all ad-hoc alteration of SCE.
> There are two complications for shadow guests.  NXE, being a paging setting
> needs to remain under host control, but that is fine as it is also Xen which
> handles the pagefaults.  Also, it turns out that without EPT enabled, hardware
> won't tolerate LME and LMA being different via either the GUEST_EFER VMCS
> setting, or via the guest load list.  This doesn't matter in practice as we
> intercept all writes to CR0 and reads from MSR_EFER, so can provide
> architecturally consistent behaviour from the guests point of view.
> As a result of fixing EFER context switching, we can remove the Intel-special
> case from hvm_nx_enabled() and let guest_walk_tables() work with the real
> guest paging settings.
> Signed-off-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>

Reviewed-by: Tim Deegan <tim@xxxxxxx>

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