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[Xen-devel] Recent 4.9 kernel not booting as dom0


I'm building dom0 kernel RPMs for the CentOS Xen project (https://github.com/CentOS-virt7/xen-kernel) and it seems that the 4.9 branch isn't booting anymore as dom0. I recently built 4.9.110 and 4.9.111, both give black screen and reboot while booting dom0. Our last successful version is 4.9.105 therefore something must be wrong between 4.9.106 and 4.9.110.

I checked the OSSTEST for linux-4.9 and the last working flight was 4.9.101. Is there a known issue with Xen and Linux 4.9?

I don't have a serial port to see if there's a trace. It reboots right here: https://pasteboard.co/HsLJbMp.jpg


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