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[Xen-devel] [ovmf baseline-only test] 74947: all pass

This run is configured for baseline tests only.

flight 74947 ovmf real [real]

Perfect :-)
All tests in this flight passed as required
version targeted for testing:
 ovmf                 d7634dc0c5a83360b3b6c155df29c078ad9c77ce
baseline version:
 ovmf                 39456d00f36e04b7e7efb208f350f4e83b6c3531

Last test of basis    74946  2018-07-08 16:49:55 Z    0 days
Testing same since    74947  2018-07-09 04:49:56 Z    0 days    1 attempts

People who touched revisions under test:
  Bob Feng <bob.c.feng@xxxxxxxxx>
  Feng, Bob C <bob.c.feng@xxxxxxxxx>
  Liming Gao <liming.gao@xxxxxxxxx>
  Tomas Pilar (tpilar) <tpilar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Tomas Pilar <tpilar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 build-amd64-xsm                                              pass    
 build-i386-xsm                                               pass    
 build-amd64                                                  pass    
 build-i386                                                   pass    
 build-amd64-libvirt                                          pass    
 build-i386-libvirt                                           pass    
 build-amd64-pvops                                            pass    
 build-i386-pvops                                             pass    
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-qemuu-ovmf-amd64                         pass    
 test-amd64-i386-xl-qemuu-ovmf-amd64                          pass    

sg-report-flight on osstest.xs.citrite.net
logs: /home/osstest/logs
images: /home/osstest/images

Logs, config files, etc. are available at

Test harness code can be found at

Push not applicable.

commit d7634dc0c5a83360b3b6c155df29c078ad9c77ce
Author: Tomas Pilar (tpilar) <tpilar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Fri Jul 6 21:40:43 2018 +0800

    MdePkg/BaseLib: Add bit field population calculating methods
    Hopefully this should tidy the conversion warnings.
    Add 32-bit and 64-bit functions that count number of set bits in a bitfield
    using a divide-and-count method.
    Contributed-under: TianoCore Contribution Agreement 1.1
    Signed-off-by: Tomas Pilar <tpilar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Cc: Liming Gao <liming.gao@xxxxxxxxx>
    Cc: Michael D Kinney <michael.d.kinney@xxxxxxxxx>
    Reviewed-by: Liming Gao <liming.gao@xxxxxxxxx>
    Reviewed-by: Michael Kinney <michael.d.kinney@xxxxxxxxx>

commit 18ef4e713f2fb5d2f84d179b9861b4afee212f65
Author: Feng, Bob C <bob.c.feng@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Jul 2 09:15:47 2018 +0800

    BaseTool: Add cache for the result of SkipAutogen.
    Add a cache for the value of skip ModuleAutoGen
    process flag. This cache can improve build performance.
    Contributed-under: TianoCore Contribution Agreement 1.1
    Signed-off-by: Bob Feng <bob.c.feng@xxxxxxxxx>
    Cc: Liming Gao <liming.gao@xxxxxxxxx>
    Reviewed-by: Liming Gao <liming.gao@xxxxxxxxx>

commit f7496d717357b9af78414d19679b073403812340
Author: Liming Gao <liming.gao@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Thu Jul 5 17:40:04 2018 +0800

    BaseTools: Clean up source files
    1. Do not use tab characters
    2. No trailing white space in one line
    3. All files must end with CRLF
    Contributed-under: TianoCore Contribution Agreement 1.1
    Signed-off-by: Liming Gao <liming.gao@xxxxxxxxx>
    Cc: Yonghong Zhu <yonghong.zhu@xxxxxxxxx>
    Reviewed-by: Yonghong Zhu <yonghong.zhu@xxxxxxxxx>

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