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Re: [Xen-devel] [BUG] Serial port prevents PVH dom0 boot

>>> On 26.07.18 at 15:08, <connojd@xxxxx> wrote:
> I'm not pressing any keys. I tried again with iommu=debug and made sure not
> to press anything. Still getting an infinite loop. I attached the log for
> reference.

Well, Xen is definitely receiving keys. Is the same not the case when you
boot PV Dom0 on the same machine? The first such event happens even
before the "*** Building a PVH Dom0 ***" message, so it can't be
anything Dom0 is doing, and I'm also having a hard time imagining what
might be causing this in the PVH domain build process. I'm sure Roger is
running with a serial console all the time. Are you sure the remote end
is quiet?


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