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[Xen-devel] Networking with MiniOS

Dear All,

I am trying to enable networking with MiniOS.

I created a daytime server based on daytime.c shipped with MiniOS. The code in daytime.c is copied into stubdom/c/main.c and built with c-stubdom. 
Server thread is created successfully but client cannot establish tcp connection with server thread, neither from MiniOS itself or from anther VM (dom0).

The client code in MiniOS is:
 while (1){
        targetconn = netconn_new(NETCONN_TCP);
            if ( targetconn == NULL ) {         
            /* No memory for new connection? */
        rc = netconn_bind(targetconn, &localip, 0);
        //... success binding
        rc = netconn_connect ( targetconn, &remote_ip, LISTEN_PORT ); 
        if ( rc != ERR_OK )
            // always catched the error here
            printf("----%s: Error connecting. Now reconnect...\n", __FUNCTION__);
            netconn_delete ( targetconn );

On dom0, I used telnet <minios-ip> <port> to connect, also with no luck.

Could anyone give some hints how should I build a tcp connection with MiniOS?  

Lele Ma

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