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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/8] libvchan: Minor improvements

Mostly internal tidying, but also an API promise about what ENOENT
means from libxenvchan_client_init.

Ian Jackson (8):
  tools/libvchan: Initialise xs_transaction_t to XBT_NULL, not NULL
  tools/xenstore: Document that xs_close(0) is OK.
  tools/libvchan: init_xs_srv: Simplify error handling (1)
  tools/libvchan: init_xs_srv: Simplify error handling (2)
  tools/libvchan: init_xs_srv: Turn xs retry from goto into for (;;)
  tools/libvchan: Add xentoollog to direct dependencies
  tools/libvchan: libxenvchan_*_init: Promise an errno
  tools/libvchan: libxenvchan_client_init: use ENOENT for no server

 tools/libvchan/Makefile           |  6 ++--
 tools/libvchan/init.c             | 72 ++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 tools/libvchan/libxenvchan.h      |  8 +++--
 tools/libvchan/xenvchan.pc.in     |  2 +-
 tools/xenstore/include/xenstore.h |  2 +-
 5 files changed, 52 insertions(+), 38 deletions(-)


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