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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 1/6] docs/qemu-deprivilege: Revise and update with status and future plans

On Tue, Nov 06, 2018 at 09:07:12AM +0000, Paul Durrant wrote:
> > +## Migration
> > +
> > +When calling xen-save-devices-state, since QEMU is running in a chroot
> > +it is not useful to pass a filename (it doesn't even have write access
> > +inside the chroot). Instead, give it an open fd using the add-fd
> > +mechanism.
> > +
> > +Additionally, all the restrictions need to be applied to the qemu
> > +started up on the post-migration side.  One issue that needs to be
> > +solved is how to signal the toolstack on restore that qemu is ready
> > +for the domain to be started (since this is normally done via
> > +xenstore, and at this point the xenstore connections will have been
> > +closed).
> I thought Anthony had fixed this now?

It's work in progress. (libxl__ev_qmp_* patch series.)

Anthony PERARD

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